Working group 3: Dissemination

WG3’s works on 3 deliverables and 1 milestone. In terms of deliverables, the WG3 actively contributed to the (1) Website, and launched the (2) Quarterly Newsletter. WG3 is currently working on a concept paper for setting up a curriculum for a joint PhD program related to the Action’s themes.

But WG3’s milestone is the Action’s sustainability plan: a strategy to make sure that the Network that the Action is building I going to last beyond the Action’s lifetime. We intend to achieve such a milestone not only by building a strong and well-functioning Network, but also by suggesting that Digital Human Rights need to be interpreted in a sustainable way, being aware of the challenges that a human rights framework constantly face in a context of continuous and fast technological transformation.

The dissemination of the Action has three main targets: institutions, stakeholders and the general public. Each channel deserves different strategies in terms of approach as each one of them presents different challenges. WG3 effectively works to address all of them by dedicating ad hoc tools to reach out to such a diversified set of players.

To be consistent with its intents, the WG3 already started to disseminate the Action’s outputs through social media, and it will do so in conferences in the near future. To start with, WG3 will be present at the next Eurodig conference, which will take place from 28 – 30 June 2021. WG3’s members are also active contributors to studies and research carried out under the aegis of WG 1 and 2.