How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the GDHRNet activities, you can do this in various ways. You can apply to become a member or a substitute member of the Management Committee for your country. This is to be done via COST Country National Coordinators. You can follow us on social media, apply to participate in our events or join our working groups.

In order to get involved in the scientific activities of the GDHRNet, both established and early career investigators and PhD students can apply to become members of the GDHRNet working groups where they would work alongside members, substitute members, observers of the Management Committee of the GDHRNet as well as external members.

To apply to join a working group please fill in the online application form. Your application will be reviewed by the leadership of the relevant working group and, in the case of a positive assessment, will be submitted to the Core Group of the GDHRNet for approval. Approved new members will be included in the official list of members on the COST Action website.  In reviewing applications, the need to ensure gender balance and diversity in working groups will be taken into account.

Online application form

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