Management structure

The Action activities shall be planned by the Action Management Committee (Action MC) in compliance with the objectives, strategy, structure, and work plan presented in the Memorandum of Understanding.

The Action MC for COST Action has been set up in accordance with the provisions of the “COST Action Management, Monitoring and Final Assessment”.

Each Action MC member represents the COST Member for which they were nominated by the COST National Coordinator, regardless of their nationality. The Action MC shall be composed of up to two representatives from each COST Member participating in the Action. Each COST Full or Cooperating Member shall have one vote at the Action MC.

The COST National Coordinators should nominate up to three Action MC substitutes.

The Action MC may include up to two representatives from each non-COST Country as MC Observers; these representatives shall come from different institutions. Specific Organisations may appoint representatives to participate in the Action. MC Observers have no voting rights.

Specifically, the COST Action MC shall:

  • Define and manage the Action Strategy and Structure, including election of the Action Chair, Vice-Chair and Grant Holder, Working Group composition or membership, leadership and structure, and other activities necessary to achieve the Action objectives;
  • Establish specific provisions linked to the management, share, creation, dissemination or exploitation of knowledge, including Open Access policy and management of Intellectual Property that may rise from an Action. These provisions shall comply with national, European or international legislation and the need for protecting the Action Participants’ legitimate interests;
  • Perform the reporting duties allowing for monitoring the Progress for and assessment of the Action and financial reporting;
  • Decide, among potentially eligible Action Participants, the ones entitled to reimbursement.

The ‘Rules of Procedure for Action Management Committee’ can be found here.

The composition of the MC can be found here.