Working group 1: Fundamental and vertical dimensions of human rights online

Working Group 1 is focused on the study of the fundamental and vertical dimensions of human rights online. This done by engaging in three separate tasks:

  1. analysing the potentially changing nature of core human rights and associated state duties in the digital reality;
  2. identifying specific threats to human rights protection from the digital reality (e.g. hate speech, impact of automated decision-making, problems of implementing the right to privacy), and systematically analysing Internet-specific clashes between conflicting human rights claims;
  3. conducting comparative content analysis of instruments adopted by international and European organisations and countries and their respective strengths and weaknesses in order to determine the best policies and standards for human rights protection online.

The activities that WG1 is carrying out to accomplish the above-mentioned tasks are the following:

  • in-person and online meetings and brainstorming sessions (to further scientific collaboration),
  • preparatory workshop held during the 1st year and a subsequent international conference held during the 3rd year,
  • Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs),
  • contribution to conferences related to this Working Group’s objectives,
  • Training Schools – there will be one summer school during each year, organized on rotating basis at one of the partner institutions.

If you want to get in touch with WG1, please email the leader of WG1 – Tiina Pajuste (