Ms Laurena KALAJA

Laurena Kalaja holds the title of Lawyer granted at the National Chamber of Advocacy in Tirana, Albania. Currently she is the Lawyer of POLIS University, a Higher Education Institution in Tirana, Albania. Her fields of study are human rights, international law and constitutional law, an experience deepened during her work as a Judge Assistant at Durrës Judicial District Court for some years. She is the co-founder of Active Learning Lab that is an Education and Training Center in Tirana, Albania.

She holds the TESOL, a certification awarded by Arizona University in the U.S.A and speaks fluently French and Italian too.

She has participated in several national and international conferences and authored some publications.

Some of her publications are:

  • The preparation of Albanian public administration for the implementation of European Administrative Space principles ISSN 2550-0399;
  • The influence of the minority factor to the Albanian-Greek relations between the two World Wars, Fifth Scientific Conference, State, Society and Law. Challenges of Democracy and Good Governance;
  • The Juridical Mechanisms of Security Council of the United Nations, 8th International Scientific Conference “Economic Policy and EU Integration” ISBN 978-9928-208-57-6.


Polis University
Rruga Bylis 12, Autostratda Tirane-Durres km 5