Virtual Networking Strategy 2021

The Management Committee has approved the GDHRNet Virtual Networking Strategy 2021.

The Strategy aims at facilitating the achievement of Action objectives for its first grant period. Implementation of the Strategy should result in a well-prepared and smoothly running Annual Meeting of the Action in September. The event will be composed of the Management Committee meeting, Core Group meeting, working group meetings (separate and joint) as well as a training school on topical issues of digital human rights.

The September event is going to be a hybrid event, with a portion of participants connecting virtually while others are meeting in person. Connecting the virtual and the physical communities during the meeting is a specific and a new challenge to the Action. To this end, Virtual Mobility Grants are to be awarded for performing the following sub-tasks:

(1) coordinating research and Year 1 workshop preparation activities,

(2) coordinating practice-oriented activities aimed at developing guidance for businesses and governments on managing online content,

(3) coordinating stakeholder involvement (including contacts with Advisory Board) activities for the purpose of scientific planning,

(4) coordinating communication (including sending out questionnaires and collecting feedback in advance of the meeting),

(5) coordinating dissemination activities (notably publications of existing research) and outreach events in connection with the September event,

(6) coordinating training school preparation activities.

Applications are to be submitted via e-COST. Deadline to apply is 15 July 2021.