Digital Rights in Context – GDHRNet Highlights Lecture Series

GDHRNet is starting its lecture series on digital rights in context.

From algorithmic governance to digital constitutionalism, from deep fake regulation to the protection of children and platform workers: the Highlights Lecture Series will present cutting-edge research from Action participants on citizens, platforms and states in digital times.
Starting Tu, 4 May 2021, 10-11 UTC11:00 London/Lisbon • 12:00 Berlin/Paris/Rome • 13:00 Tallinn with TJ McIntyre from University College Dublin talking on  EU developments in mass surveillance: from data retention to message filtering
and then once a month until 2024.
Conveners: Matthias C. Kettemann (Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institut, Hamburg) and Mart Susi (University of Tallinn)

Coordinator: Grace Ubaruta (Luneburg) • via Zoom


Complete programme: